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Updated: 02/02/2018

Welcome to my web site.  I hope that you find it informative and helpful.  I strive to keep it as accurate as possible.

Active Amateur Radio Satellites 

         FM: SO-50, AO-85, AO-91, AO-92, LilacSAT-2 (Intermittent)

     SSB: AO-7, AO-73, FO-29, EO-88, UKube-1, CAS-4B, XW-2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2F

  Digital: ISS (APRS), NO-84 (APRS), FalconSAT-3 (GMSK), LO-90 (BPSK downlink)

  Live OSCAR Status Page           Launch Schedules: Spaceflight 101   Spaceflight NOW

It is rumored we may have a new Chinese FM Amateur Satellite.  FengMaNiu 1 or FMN-1.  Uplink is 145.945 and downlink is 435.350.  This may be object
2018-015A in the TLE-NEW element set.    

NEW FM Satellites

New D-Star One V1.1 Phoenix was successfully launched on February 1st.  It appears to be object 2018-014E in the TLE-NEW element set.  This station has yet to hear anything from the satellite.    New Details here        D-Star One Site D-Star Satellite

Saturday Night D-Star Net on REF 29A at 1900 PT/0300 UTC every Saturday night

DRE Morning Net on REF 29A at 0700 PT/1500 UTC Monday thru Friday

Please QSL via eQSL or direct.  Address good on QRZ.